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Week 12 – Check, check, and check.

January 8, 2013


Progress was made. Finished learning all songs for this week plus lyrics that go with them. Simply at this point it’s a matter of recording them, most likely I will attempt to get a recording of all material that is due sometime this weekend coming up as it is the only time I have off this week from working a normal job, and when no one is around in my block so I can crank the amp. I’ve come up with some nice power chord melodies, the classics, you know. Will try to put some lyrics to them soon.

Some goals for next week:

– Watch 5 guitar tutorials.

– Learn the following songs: Basket Case green day, and Betterman Pearl jam.

– Write songs.


That’s it for this week, looking forward to seeing you all next week,


Ali MacLennan


P.S. Keith Richards is starting to infulence me a lot after reading his biography. Loved it and would suggest it to all music fans.




Week 11 – Welcome to 2013.

January 1, 2013



Howdy folks, so I got some playing in this week and some recording. Check off The Man who Sold the World, and the White Stripes I don’t know what to do with myself. I decided to learn a tune that caught my eye because he’s coming down to Montreal at the end of January, Marilyn Manson’s The Beautiful People. I’ve already got it down, just need to record it.

Here’s some video footage of the man who sold the world:

(yes I am in my underwear) …. I’m not really happy with my camera or tone in this video, I do blame the equipment. Thankfully with 2013 rolling around I plan to acquire some new equipment to make this a lot better.

Anyway right down to the goals of next week:

– Continue to learn the notes on the guitar neck.

– Write songs.

– Learn the following material: Molly’s Chamber by Kings of Leon, and Cold Cold Night by the White Stripes.

That’s it for this week, looking forward to seeing you all next week,


Ali MacLennan