Week 9 – Mega updates, not a lot of actual work done though.

So I didn’t actually do a lot of work this week, but I managed to get a lot done. So I learned After Hours and I just don’t know what to do with myself, and wrote some mega lyrics. On top of that I met someone who has taught me quite a bit about the record producing process and how that works. I still need to learn more about the printing process itself and I plan on making some calls this week to answer the questions I have regarding that. I didn’t get much time to record takes, but I’ll try my best to get that up this sometime this week. I’ve also decided to make an album, and set a deadline for myself. March 23rd, I want to release it. Furthermore I plan on doing some work on this site next week and spicing things up a bit, after all I’m pouring quite a lot of energy into this so I should make it my own. 🙂


So let’s get down to it for next week, here’s some goals I’ve set out:

– Be able to play the following material: With or Without you, The Man who Sold the World, Swing Guitar lessons.

– Learn more about the printing process/recording process in general.

– Write songs.

– Brainstorm album art ideas for upcoming release.

That’s it for this week, looking forward to seeing you all next week,


Ali MacLennan

P.S. I did type and post this reply last night, but my Internet decided to crash, and I was too lazy to rewrite it all out that night. But I am on time with my updates accordingly.


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