Week 8 – Memory work. Doing the motions.



So I’m on time with my update, that is something new, and that I would promise myself I would do. (Even though I have other things to do.) So this week was essentially a memory week, going over the motions again and again. The With or Without you fingerstyle verison I want to sing with as well, so that’s adding to the difficulty—I have completely learned I don’t know what to do with myself (will post a video up soon), I learned all about how vinyl records are made, but I still need to research more the recording process itself. I’m planning to call some studios and recording companies to actually figure out this process more. I started as well to brainstorm album artwork ideas that I have for something I’m working on in my head. Of course this is all still just an imagintive blueprint but you need to start somewhere right. Anyway, as far as songwriting goes, I came up with a really nice melody that I can write too… which is mostly thanks to the Drop D tuning of With or Without you. As well I’ve scrapped learning Everlong by the Foo Fighers, the rhythm of the song is simply to frustrating to captive me and I can’t get it to sound good to my ear. I wish I was Dave Grohl HA.

So here’s the goals for week 9:

– Be able to play the following material: With or Without you, After Hours by the Velvet Underground.

– Learn the notes on the low E string.

– Learn one new technique on the guitar.

– Learn more about the recording process and recording techniques.

– Write lyrics and finish the melody I have.

– Post and record the work I have done here.


See you all in a week or so,

Ali MacLennan


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