Week 6/7 – Thinking about turning the titles to just “updates”.


So I’m thinking about changing the titles from weeks to updates as with life getting in the way, it’s difficult to post each and every week. I will give myself one more chance at this and if it doesn’t work, I will change it to “updates”. Some changes that happened with me though; I’m focusing more on writing at the moment and actually going out and playing live—that in itself is an act that must be mastered. So I’m taking up planned gigging. I will go on weekends and gig at bars if the situation presents itself. I’ve also scrapped all my previous goals, turns out those songs weren’t clicking with me and I just didn’t feel them.

Here’s some new goals for week 8:

– Be able to play the following material: I just don’t know what to do with myself, With or Without you (fingerstyle arrangement), Everlong.

– Learn the notes on the low E string.

– Learn one new technique on the guitar.

– Learn more about the recording process and recording techniques.

– Write and record one song for showcasing here.


Thanks, see you next week (hold me to it?). 😉



Ali MacLennan


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