Week 5 – Daily deadlines are broken. :-/


The usual. You know… Deadlines, let’s leave it at that. I’ve just been going through motions, with little passion, I think I’m having a loss of motivation with music right now and I’m wanting to do a lot more writing. Not even musical writing, just writing in general. So that’s what I did, but I still got some playing done. I completed my goals, I now know the Crazy Train solo, pieces of the Help the Poor solo (I couldn’t be bothered to learn the whole thing), Feeling This, and I’ve learned the lyrics to Francis by Coeur De Pirate (I’m not french so that’s why ;)). I do have part of a song written, it’s not done—but I will finish it for sure, it’s not something I’m going to be putting on the backburner. Anyway, here’s some video footage…

Wasn’t really satisfied with my vocals on a lot of the recordings I did, but I just want to get them out of the way and move on to new stuff. I’m learning to sing at the same time… so, yeah.

But now down to the new goals.

Goals of Week 6:

– Be able to play the following material: Take me Away (oasis), Help! (the beatles), Strawberry Fields Forever (the beatles), and We’re Going to be Friends (jack white).

– Learn the notes on the low E string.

– Learn one new technique on the guitar.

– Learn more about the recording process and recording techniques.

– Write and record one song for showcasing here.


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