Week 3 Update – Do work.



Sorry guys for the late update, I did learn a lot but I didn’t get a chance to record much video footage and therefore don’t really have much to show per se. My full-time job has also been getting in the way, I highly dislike working in the normal world which is why I’ve started some entrepreneurial tasks to hopefully rid myself of the 9-5 world and allow me to work for myself. Anyway, down to the business of this site.

So with respect to last weeks personal goal lists, I failed, and I failed bad. STILL working on the Crazy Train solo, and Help the Poor is filled with ridiculously difficult licks that I’m still learning. The solo to Need Your Love so Bad is done, and I will post up a video log of that ASAP. Still learning the lyrics to Francis by Coeur De Pirate, but the melody is mastered — just so everyone knows it’s a French song, which is why it’s take such a long time. I didn’t write any music, I was actually suppose to jam with a friend, but that fell through. Regardless of all this, I must push forward and add new goals to this weeks list or I wouldn’t be progressing…


Goals of Week 4:
– Be able to play the following material: Crazy Train Solo, Help the Poor Robbin Ford Solo, Francis by Coeur De Pirate, Feeling This (Blink 182),

– Have 1 song written (no matter what!)

– Know every note on the high e and b strings.

– Learn one new interesting technique on the guitar

– Listen to a lot of new music and try to synthesize it down into something I can use with my playing.


See you all next week with a new update.


Ali MacLennan


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