Week 2 Update


So… Here’s the latest update! I did a bit more playing this week then the previous week. I got some stuff recorded, that I’ve attached below for progress updates. I’m still having difficulty with the Crazy Train solo (the fact that I’m playing it through a fender and a crappy amp is no doubt making that worse)–regardless I will struggle on and attempt to master it. ALso I have forgotton about Jimi Hendrix’s fire, right now my Stratocaster is having some tension problems with the A string near the 12th fret, so I’ve tossed that song until I get this fixed. Anyway, so I’ve learned Peter Green’s Need Your Love So Bad… but I also want to learn the lyrical parts more so I will continue to study this piece. I did write a new song, which I’m really proud of. 🙂 I’ll post that up soon as well; and I did learn some new licks and more notes on the guitar.

Here’s some video footage updates!

Seize the day solo:

Unwind the Chainsaw theme:

So down to business for week 3 goals…

Goals of Week 3:
– Be able to play the following material: Crazy Train Solo, Help the Poor Robbin Ford Solo, Need Your Love so Bad by Peter Green (singing it as well, not JUST the solo), Francis by Coeur De Pirate.

– Have 1 song written

– Know every note on the high e and b strings.

– Learn one new interesting technique on the guitar

– Listen to a lot of new music and try to synthesize it down into something I can use with my playing.

See you all next week with a new update.


Ali MacLennan


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